Saturday, January 31, 2009

saturday morning cartoons II

mcdonalds is offering there valentine coupons right now for $1 for 10 coupons. this is a great deal to utilize for your family for a quick meal out. i am sure that there are many places out there doing this for valentines for children. this is a great way to save some cash in the upcoming months. most of the coupons that i am finding are good through april or may. a way to use more than one coupon per visit is to let each child pay for their own meal. plus they love handling the important job of ordering their food and holding money.
~type to you soon~

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soccermom said...

Thanks for the tip! We picked up some similiar coupons for Frisch's- you get 8 cards for $1. Each card is a free kids meal (6 options to choose) which includes a drink. These are good Feb 15th-March 31st 2009.