Friday, January 30, 2009

organization oasis-sock drawer

each weekend i will post an organizational tip.
weekend assignment: sock drawers
a) pull out all socks that don't have a match. if you haven't found them yet you won't. your dryer ate the others. throw them away.
b) do the same with anything that has a hole.
c) fold socks together and group according to color.
d) if you have the cash flow buy a sock organizer and make rows of color. if not just make imaginary rows in your drawer. i usually go from darkest to lightest. you will be amazed at how quickly you can find what you need with an organized sock drawer. if you feel adventurous do this for the whole family. it won't take long. involve the kids. let them watch you do your drawer and then turn them loose on theirs.
the key to keeping things organized is to put things back the way you found them. once you do this you won't have to do it again if you put things back where they belong. why do i hear my mother's voice echoing in my ears?

~type to you soon~


v. said...

huh, this sound like me this morning when looking for soccer shoes

Amy Coomes said...

I got my socks organized this evening! Why have I never done something so simple?! And WOW, I think I need new socks, I threw most of them out! Ok Le, on to the closet! My shoes are taking the bottom of it over and they are a mess! Any tips for this? And for organizing the kids shoes too?

Jenny said...

Hm, if ONLY I could throw my husband's holey dress socks away. Unlike most men, he notices. He will only transition to new socks if the old ones have no toe left.

Oh well. He does the dishes.