Tuesday, January 27, 2009

order is restored

ok, i am all for a project around the house but it is often bitter sweet because with a project always comes a mess. my anal retentive, everything must be in its place personality does not do well with this situation. however, once order returns all is well and i am always thankful i was able to make it through the chaos. (i know it is very concerning that i am like this. at least i recognize it about myself). anyway here is the latest home improvement thanks to the love of my life. the pantry is done. the laundry room is not. but at least i do not have half of a small gas station scattered about the playroom. i will post more pictures of the project once everything is finished. one more thing. i need some creative help. i want to put a frosted glass door at the entrance of the laundry/pantry and i need a all encompassing word to put on the door. i just don't think that lantry is going to cut it.
~type to you soon~


Jeniqua said...
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Jeniqua said...

Check out www.thecoupondiva.blogspot.com
This is going tooo far. But you are just right, no matter what your df says.

m said...

"blue pantry"!!!!!! um, "circle k"

Valerie said...

I'm thinking "Walnut Grove's General Store" Mrs. Olson would be so proud and Nellie & Willie could work there.

Consider the Harvest.

This looks fantastic! You all do a great job no matter what it is. I'm jealous

Valerie said...

plus, i know that i don't have to rush out from work to go to Kroger, I can just zip upstairs. make sure you price everything