Wednesday, January 28, 2009

g is 3...invest

last week we celebrated our baby's 3rd birthday. i can't believe how the time has slipped through my hands. like sand through the hourglass these are the days of our lives (haha). why do i feel like i am back in college sitting in the lounge during lunch? anyway back to the topic at hand, our baby is three. i am having some real issues with this.

1. i have always had a baby in the house for almost 7 years.

2. i am not ready to be babyless

3. i can't believe how time really does go so quickly.

how in the big scheme of things my life is really only a blip on the radar. so realizing that, how do i really make it count. here are my thoughts in one word, invest!

~invest in the lives of others so that they see Jesus in me, and want to know about Him

~invest in my children each and everyday so there is no doubt of my overflowing love for them

~invest in my husband so he knows and never questions how appreciated he is

~invest my time, talents, and money (how little or much) i happen to have in items and activities of worth. honestly, i don't need another sweater, and neither do the kids for that matter!

~invest in my parents and in-laws. they gave me life and my husband. there's something to be said about that.

~invest in my friends. show and tell them they are loved. why are we so timid about saying that we love our friends. i don't know where i would be without them. and i often tell them so. make a treat and drop it off, paint a wall for a friend, watch a child, take a gal to lunch, listen.


isn't it funny how the third birthday of your baby gets ya to preaching to yourself and others for that matter:). thanks for listening. i'm still having issues with the no baby thing and probably will until i hit menopause or death. i am just knowing that God's plan for me is perfect whether it's with 3 babies or 10.

~type to you soon~

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