Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my favorite shop

i am so sad tonight about a favorite of mine that is closing. there is a little shop that i frequent and it is the highpoint of a gloomy day. it is a lovely little shop that makes anyone who enters smile. the lady that works there is more lovely than a spring day. her kindness and disposition are such a sweet reminder of the way we are to treat others. she always has a lollipop for my children when we come into her shop. when i heard this sad news all i could think of was another favorite of mine, the movie "you've got mail". kathleen kelley tried her hardest to make her lovely shop around the corner a success admist the big book store, fox books from taking all of her business. i think it is such a sad state of affairs. a small business rarely makes it among all of the supercenters and chains. i have learned through this that i am going to have to support people and places that i love.
~type to you soon~


Valerie said...

i know. i'm really sad about this one! i love that place!

m said...

Yes me too--such a quaint little store and I could always find what I was looking for. And she had the perfect scented candle! She will be missed! We'll have to support her via her new web address!

Le said...

what is the new web address?