Sunday, December 28, 2008

clip 'em

I looked through the adds today, yes while on vacation because I am serious about this saving money thing. I went to Publix, CVS, and Walgreens tonight. For $73.00 I was able to buy the following:
(2) 38 count Dixie plates
(2) large bags of fresh spinach
nail polish remover
dawn dish soap
6 Christmas cookie tins that originally retailed for $10
80 Christmas napkins
Angel soft toliet paper (4 rolls)
4 boxes of Kleenex tissues
45 box of Glad trash bags
(2) bags of Lays potato chips
(2) Publix baby wipes unscented
Jumbo pack diapers
(3) Cascadian Farm organic granola bar boxes
(3) cans of Pringles
(2) Sweet Baby Ray bar-b-q sauce
St. Ives face scrub
Blistix Soothing Herbal Chapstick
(2) Pace Salsa jars
4 pack of energizer batteries
bag of black eyed peas
(2) bags of Chex Mix
(2) boxes of frosted mini wheats
1 box of frosted flakes
cotton balls
My point in listing all of this out is to show my massive following :) that clipping coupons, shopping sale items only, buying enough to last for a while, and shopping at a few stores if time allows will save quite a bit of money. Had I purchased these items at the regular retail price I would have paid $61 more. Imagine your savings over weeks, months, and years. has helped me imensly with my efforts. If you sign up please fill in my email address for your referal friend, The clipping really does not take that much time once you get into a grove. You can also find many coupons online or in your grocery store. Save ones that you think you might not use. You would be surprised how many items you can get for free or pennies when it is on sale and you have a coupon. You might be willing to try something new if it is free.
~type to you soon~


d. said...

you needed more batteries??? :)

Valerie said...

can you just do this for me?

Le said...

you can never have too many batteries.