Thursday, June 2, 2011

it's been way to long

photo credit: compassion dave

go ahead and give me the years worst blogger award. i know it has been ridiculously long since i posted, in fact probably no one will even read this because they have given up on me. so here is the long list of updates...

1. God has blessed me with an amazing new job. i will most likely be teaching 4th grade.

2. our garden is bursting at the seams with peas and strawberries right now.

3. i have done very few domestic things lately but i have done a few

a. make vanilla extract (post coming VERY soon)

b. transplanted lots of plants to different places in the yard that look so much better iin the new spot

c. made homemade yogurt (a great use for whole milk before it goes bad)

d. dried a serious amount of pineapple and apples that i bought from aldi and the co-op

for really cheap

4. but most importantly i have been spending as much time as possible my husband and children. returning to work has really given me a whole new perspective on time with them. realizing this, my goal for posting will be 2-3 times per week on the average. more at times when we are off and away on vacation and i can sit by the pool and type away. blogging really is fun for me when i am on vacation and have time to spend and be creative. its my own mini vacation on our regular vacation...i know i'm weird. no need to point out the obvious.

~type to you VERY soon~


Joyce said...

I'm still reading! Just dont get a chance to comment much anymore!

m said...

glad your back sweets!

Dr. Jameson said...

We are still here, friend!