Friday, March 11, 2011

shopping at the end of the season and a little good will

yesterday i hit the megaload at lands end in sears and gymboree. lands end was having an unbeatable sale. 70% off kids clearance plus an additional 25% off of the 70%. they were giving stuff away. i was able to pick up a few essential pieces for school uniforms next year but while i was parusing the racks i noticed they had tons of a particular size that a friend's little girl wears. i called her up and bought all the cuteness that i could find. i did not pay over $6 dollars for the most expensive item. most of the items were between $3-4. that is better than consignment. i want to encourage you to do this for you friends. it was save them tons of money and who knows, maybe the favor will someday be returned. my sweet friend has already helped me out in the saving money adventure. she always includes me in her discount at a local department store.
gymboree is having there fill a bag sale, except you really don't have to fill the bag. everything is 30% off. plus if you are a member of gymboree rewards you should have a 20% off coupon you can combine with the 30% off. i bought white uniform shirts for the kids yesterday for $2.99. CAN'T BEAT THAT! there are all kinds of end of the season sales right now. if you can get out and buy a few things for next season you will be so glad you did. always buy on the bigger side. they will eventually grow into it:)

UPDATE: both of the above deals are available online. great savings if you shop the clearance section!!! the in-store deals are obviously a little cheaper because they mark things down quicker, but there are still some awesome deals online and more selection.
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

Thanks again for doing this for me, my personal shopper!

krissy said...

I found that sale too. great deals!
And I just want to say your daughter is so precious. I only see her in the halls of school in the mornings but she always has the most peaceful and content smile on her face as she talks quietly with her friends. It always makes me smile and wish I was a kid again. :-)
~Krissy Livingston