Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new mascara

1. i am not meticulous about the application of mascara...two swipes with the brush and that does it...i dont have the patience for finicky make-up application
2. i usually do not recommend any type of make up because, well just because. make up is different for everyone and it can turn into a huge expense if you purchase what everyone recommends
3. BUT...this stuff is super-fan-tabulous!!!! it is Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin Mascara Ultra Black

look at the left eye compared to the right. i really only swiped those lashes twice. plus this is one of the mascaras that is on the safe products list that i posted a couple of weeks ago...read all about it HERE. CVS has a great deal on this mascara this week. you get a $7 ECB back when you purchase it for @ $10.50. find another product that you would like to try and use the ECB from the mascara purchase to buy your second item.
~type to you soon~

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