Tuesday, February 1, 2011

penzey's...a delicious experience

spent the weekend with my stl besties...thought you might want to "meet" them...they are some of my most favorite people in the whole world.
while i was there we went to penzey's. it is a spice store that i wrote about HERE
let me tell you...it was perfection. it was in a old building in a quaint part of a st. louis suburb. hardwood floors, wood crates, organization, and the smell...oh my! before we went i had prepared mr. dc for the trip. he knew that i had cleaned out the spice cabinet before we left. here is what i purchased while we were there.
just some of the bottom rack in the above picture
i bought these spices in bags, (you will see a picture below) because if you purchased in the bag you got a larger quantity for a cheaper price. i knew i had jars at home that would hold the spices. the store had all kinds of mixed spices, dressing mixes, and rubs.
i reused some of my existing bottles and removed the label from the bag that it came in so i could have the information for the spice
that sandwich sprinkle is straight from above...
these bags show how the spices came packaged
i would love to eventually have the entire spice cabinet be a penzey's spice cabinet
in the store they had all kinds of recipe cards for the taking, highlighting certain spices or blends to use in the recipe.
penzey's also has a catalog that has so many amazing recipes. i highly recommend subscribing HERE. and if you need spices let me tell you, penzey's is the place to buy. i found the company to have extremely reasonable prices and the quality is superior! i would buy the spices in the bag if you are going to have it shipped. and if you live near a penzeys, CHECK HERE, jump in your car and go NOW! what is holding you back. it will make you hApPy:)
one more little tidbit...a dash of penzey's almond extract in your coffee is deliciously decadent...thanks for the tip nanc:)
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

Yumm...can't wait to try some!

Jenny said...

My whole spice rack is now Penzey's! I was given a spice set as a gift from a boss years ago. I love the high fat cocoa powder. If you get their catalogs, they are filled with wonderful recipes. Happy cooking!