Wednesday, January 5, 2011

st. nicks wheel

found this little bugger today under the christmas tree after all the ornaments were put away in boxes, put into the plastic tubs, and stacked ready for storage. needless to say i was not going to pull all of the ornaments back out to see who was missing this. i could tell it was from the hallmark series of ornaments mr. dc buys for me each year so i labeled it as best as i could with directions for next year and put it in the christmas bin that was easiest to get to.

i do this a lot when i need to remember to do something with a "spare part". plastic baggies are a great organizational tool. not so green, but they do the trick when i need to remember something long term and i need to keep something small to go with the memory. hope this helps all of you who can't remember things from year to year. shucks...i can't remember things hour to hour:)
~type to you soon~

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