Tuesday, January 4, 2011

cooperative extension service

i know...baby it's cold outside...and the last thing on most of your minds right now is gardening
spring will be here before we know it and the boone county cooperative extension office is offering some excellent classes on gardening if you are interested.

the family gardening series is
2/22 how to grow your own garden from seed
3/3 growing tomatoes and peppers at home
3/8 growing berries, grapes, and other fruits at home
3/15 growing organic veggies at home
3/22 growing gardens together: hort therapy
4/5 gardening in raised beds
4/7 preparing gardens

5/25 compost for beginners

the co-op extension service website is www.ca.uky.edu/boone or call 586.6101 if you would like more information.
if you are not local check out your local co-op extension office. they are a great resource.

~type to you soon~

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