Tuesday, December 28, 2010

world market

so on vacation i have found a store that has become a favorite. i had been to this little nugget before but it was at a different time in my life so i certainly looked at things a little differently. anyway, world market is this great little store that has so many wonderful little finds. i got some really cute hats(anthro styling), some christmas gifts for next year, and some awesome specialty food. they have all of there christmas food 50% off. plus there is a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon if you sign up to be a member at their website. i bought tortilla chips (a really big bag) $1. gourmet peanuts that sell at home in a little tiny tin at kramers market for $8, i paid $4 for a tin that is literally 5 times the size. a big plastic drum of pretzels was $2. Old fashion glass soda bottles (box of 12) was $3.33. the best deal of the day though was the grade a maple syrup. 12 oz for $3. the only bummer is that the closest one to me is in louisville. i guess i will have to go visit my friends in st. louis or come back to florida for more world market excursions.

they also have this wonderful coffee rewards program too, if you have a local store. you can buy the christmas coffee to earn your rewards. the christmas coffee is really cheap. $3 a bag.

~type to you soon~

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Anonymous said...

there is one on Montgomery Rd in Kenwood - thought you might like to know - miss you Tara