Friday, October 22, 2010

observations of a 34 year old

pictured above: opera cream cake from the bon bonerie (my favorite) photo credit:

yesterday was my 34th birthday. i spent most of the day on a little shopping adventure, thanks to sweet mr. dc. and my precious friend denise (who cared for our 4 year old). i had several hours alone which does not happen to often, and i had a very pleasant uninterrupted lunch with my mom. here is what i have deduced about my life of 34 years.

1. i have sorely underestimated the importance of a GREAT bra my first 34 years of life! mind you, i was not wearing a bra the first 10 or 11 years of that life but since then, man was i wrong. a bra is not just a bra. i am NOT endowed, therefore in the past my experience with undergarments has been finding a good deal at the gap outlet:). well yesterday i splurged and bought 3 bras that support my nothingness. LET ME TELL YOU...the girls have been happy today!

2. i loved leggings in the 80's. "n" has worn leggings since the day she was born. i am now wearing leggings again. i love them...i might continue to wear them well past there "in style-ness". if you see me in my leggings in 7 years when everyone is wearing baggy pants again, i give you permission to clue me in at that point...until then, leave me to my legging bliss.

3. my children love to give gifts about as much as i do. they were so excited they could hardly wait for me to open my present from each of them. in fact, "g" was so overly excited that he opened it on his own as just kept saying in a VERY loud voice..."this is so snugly momma. we can snuggle momma."

4. mr. dc is by far the most generous, kind, thoughtful, procrastinating man on the planet. he did shop the day before my birthday this year, which is such an improvement from years past. i was soooooo proud! he also got almost everything that he purchased for me in the right size (even two pairs of jeans, amazing, and i really like the jeans). he did not like some of the jeans that i have been wearing, apparently they are a little to "grandma-ish". i think that i like grandma-ish, but i also like what his face looked like when i tried on the jeans that he bought.

5. i never tire of having a quiet, uninterrupted lunch with my mom. we do it so infrequently now that it is always such a special treat. i love my mom...i always will love my mom!

6. my friends are the best friends on the planet. if you need an awesome friend i can try to match you up with one of mine. i will however need a very in depth questionnaire filled out and have to conduct several thorough investigations into your personal life before i share. i could not have felt more loved yesterday. thank you, thank you, thank you!

~type to you soon~


Unknown said...

That was a cute post! Happy Belated Birthday - sounds like you had a very blessed day! You are 10 years younger than me - wow - enjoy, it goes so fast! LOL Cheers to the bra splurge, I did that about 6 years ago and never looked back. :)

Sally said...

Love the opera cream cake! YUMM!