Friday, October 15, 2010

hospitality-thursday thoughts on friday

i read this excerpt in a book yesterday that talked about hospitality and how our perception of true hospitality is ridiculously skewed. the passage is worth reading. i hope that you enjoy it as much as i did.

"By worldly standards, hospitality is entertaining others, and the focus is on the host and the hostess. Their home is clean, the food is special and abundant, all has been well planned and prepared in advance. The host and hostess are smiling, and seem to have everything in order. The guests enjoy the evening and they will soon reciprocate.
By contrast Christian hospitality focuses on the guests. They are not ones to whom we are obligated because "they have had us over." They are saints of God, struggling Christians just as we are, who have a need. The first priority is meeting that need, which might be a place to stay, a listening ear, or just fellowship. If food is to be served, the quality and quantity is not important. The house does not have to be spotless but can look as though someone lives there."

this passage so spoke to my heart and the ridiculous emphasis that i put on things that really do not matter now and certainly not with an eternal perspective in mind. hope this pricks your heart in the way it did mine and probes you on to love and good deeds toward others.

~type to you soon~

passage found in This Love We Share by Harry and Emily Griffith


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful reminder, Le. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in this way and for posting words of wisdom in light of hospitality :)

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing this! I really appreciate posts like this.

Sally said...

You do have a gift of hospitality--thanks for sharing!