Monday, August 16, 2010

fall lineup

i know that i have been a very absent blogger this summer. my plan for the fall line up is to post on certain topics each day of the week to create some sort of consistency and heighten your expectation of what each day will be(i know you are on the edge of you seat:). here is what i have come up with so far and what i already know about this ever evolving blog.
  • i have the best intentions to keep posting on certain topics and then my brain forgets the topics that were so important to me on the day that i decided to run a series name it...the list goes on and on.

  • there are several things that i really enjoying doing so those things will be covered once a week...i will share those in a minute after i get out what i am thinking about RIGHT now.

  • i am certain that i will never be famous for my blog, my writing, or my whit, but for whatever reason i really enjoy knowing that there are a few people all over the country that like to occasionally check in.

  • i would like to have more dialog with those of you that do read the domestic chick about life, what your hobbies are, your likes and dislikes, and showcase some of your talent. i love to receive pictures of things that you have done in your own home or found in the back corner of a thrift shop.

so here are my ideas...

Messy Monday finding ways to mess up the kitchen and fill five bellies

Thrifting Tuesday sharing the must haves and good deals i have found during the week from grocery stores to many deals to be had so much money to save

Working Wednesday gardening, organizing, cleaning, and other general work that is done around the suburban farmhouse

Thursday Thoughts this is where you will get the emotions, weird thoughts, thankful heart, treasured moments, all of the things that used to drive me crazy about my mother...but each day i live i realize...with a heavy heart...i'm (a little) like her

Friday Finds i will showcase anything that i find at yard sales, in the trash, at thrift shops, etc.

Sew Saturday crafting and sewing projects will be explained and shared

Sunday Surprise this day will just be a surprise and it may be a nothing day too, you will just have to be surprised

what do you think? anything else you would like to see included? i'm open for suggestions none of these are set in stone, in fact they are really moldable and pliable. i'm really trying to be that kind of girl...that real care free kind of fly by the seat of your pants girl in a real control freak shell. i'll let you know how its going in a couple of days. until then i'm sure i will experience quite a bit of internal turmoil.

this fancy schmancy schedule will start next week, August 23, just in case you are wondering...until then i will continue in my blogger slothfulness. i will be checking comments in the meantime and i will probably respond too:)

~type to you soon~


Sally said...

Yeah! I'm excited about your Friday finds and also your organization ideas.

m said...

Looking forward to the new fall line-up and all your treasures!

Amy Coomes said...

Well Im very excited to see what you have for us! I have been missing you. I haven't wrote in a while, been checking from my phone and its not as easy to post from. I hope some project nights are in store for us! :)

Amy Coomes said...
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Unknown said...

Looks good Le! I am hoping this fall I will get a little more "organized" too with a routine and actually get some projects done - maybe you can inspire me! :D

soccermom said...

hi Le!
I love the deals you seem to find to share for everyone! Did you get the coupon for 30% Gap coupon that is good next weekend including the outlet? yahoo!! If not, let me know and I'll forward. I love to see before/after pics of organization as that helps me a bunch!