Sunday, July 25, 2010

okra fritters

yesterday the okra plants were bursting with okra to make fritters. i used paula deen's recipe found HERE and i added a little sweet paprika to the flour mixture as well. i think that you could substitute your favorite salt mix to the flour and get a very similar result. the fritters were yummy, everyone ate them, just a nice change to mix up lunch a little bit.
i sliced the okra.
buttermilk bath before dousing in the flour breading

i fried the okra in small batches so i did not have to use so much oil. i also think that the okra cooks more evenly in small batches. unless you have a deep fryer, then big batch away!
i let the fritters "drain" on a baking rack for a few minutes after i salted them to get rid of the excess oil. they were really yummy. i highly recommend them if you get a chance to get some okra.
~type to you soon~

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Sally said...

I have some okra and gonna have to try this recipe! THey look soooo good!