Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i know that i have been a little absent lately, and truthfully the entire summer will probably be a little hit and miss at the domestic chick. oh i will be posting don't get me wrong but it might be 3 posts in one day and then 3 days may go by and nothing...i am sure that you all are just crushed at the thought :). obviously i do not think that you are on the other side of your computer waiting with bated breath for me to let you know what is going on over here. well this picture and this place should tell you alot. many an hour has been spent in the garden so far this spring and summer. alot of other fun things have gone on too...but this little space sure does take alot of time. the kids are really enjoying it though and it is so educational and we are amazed at God and His creation and what we can learn from the garden.
on a side note, don't you just love my color coordinated outfit of grey shorts and a brown and white striped t-shirt and the way my hair is making that nice little "X" on my forehead. i am shocked that organic gardening has not contacted me for the front cover, aren't you? it hasn't stopped mr. dc from wanting to squeeze here and there though. i know i should be thankful but i really do not understand how one could be attracted to another when the other looks like the above picture. seriously!
well this post has been all over the place. that is what you get when you start typing in the morning and end the post at 10 pm with all kinds of things that go on during the course of the day at the suburban farm.
~type to you soon~
hopefully tomorrow. it is supposed to rain so maybe...

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