Wednesday, June 16, 2010

good deals to be had

pictured above: lands end tank. one hanging in my closet.

i know that i have taken a little different direction with the blog lately and have not been posting as many deals...hope that's ok...i figure there are enough blogs out there that are attached to mine that have all of them listed if you are interested. if you would like me to bring back some of the deals that i find unbeatable comment and i will start it up again. i just didn't want to be redundant. i will tell you that now and the next couple of weeks are a great time to get out there and get some good deals on summer clothing for the family for this year and next. i have snagged several good deals lately. while snagging these deals i also found out that sephora is coming to our local jcpenny. what a great little gem in the midst of worthington and st. john's bay. i'm not knocking any clothing lines when i say that, goodness knows i am no fashionista. i do love the american living line at pennys. super cute, washes great, and really comfy!

back to the deals...
i have found some deals at Land's End (Sears store)
Gymboree (oh to be had there on last years winter lines)
Stride Rite (clearance shoes on the table outside)
JC Pennys

What about you all? Have you found any good ones recently? Don't be shy, let us know!
~type to you soon~

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