Thursday, May 6, 2010

rest your rear hear

i found these stools at the thrift store yesterday.
they both looked like the one on the right.
you know...hunter green bottom with that lovely light colored wood seat.
for some it may work...not so much for me.
the picture above is after the stools were sanded and one was already finished and then i remembered..."the before and after" picture. at least i remembered before it was all done.
seat on the left sanded down, roughed up with a screw driver and a mallet, and then stained with a walnut stain (several coats). it looks really good in person.
i am not sure the pictures do it justice.

here are both stools finished and waiting for a couple more friend stools. i am looking for 2
or 3 more. i also plan on numbering the top of the seats once we have all that
we are going to put in the space.

what thrifty find have you found lately?
~type to you soon~

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