Thursday, May 13, 2010

g's green gingham

i attached the curtain to the window with velcro and connected the straps with velcro so they are easily raised and lowered.

finally made the duvet for g's room out of two curtains that i found at the pottery barn outlet. used the bed skirt from older brother's room. used some scrap fabric for the curtains. finally have a finished product 4 years in the making:)
~type to you soon~

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I made table linens from green gingham. So, calm and cool for summertime.

When I moved into this '60s house nearly 20 yrs ago, I decided it had to sport something fresh and new, so I lined the shelves with plastic yellow gingham shelf-liner and topped the surfaces with sunny yellow gingham dustcloths, and made appliance covers with reversible covers (of my own design cut from newspaper patterns to that they fit!) of yellow gingham and another popular print that year, yellow/orange/green citrus on a black background. I cut a clear vinyl cover to cover a hand-made citrus table-cover for the dining room table, and covered styrofoam squares for seat covers. The green gingham went well with it and the year the popular melamite was sage green. I bought some yellow rugged dishes the year it was popular for back-up sunshine during the dreary winter months.