Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bippity boppity switch a-roo

i picked and put some different spring/summer decor throughout the house this past weekend. this time of year is always a little tricky because really it is not summer yet so too many over the top bright colors is not what i choose to use right now but we have definitely transitioned from little woodland creatures(bunnies) and eggs. the white pitchers have been passed down from my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mother and now to me....man am i a blessed girl
i dried these gorgeous hydrangeas earlier this year. on accident of course, they just sat in the vase too long, ran out of water, and made themselves gorgeous.
can't take any credit for that one.

shells from our last trip to florida
dollar store bird on one of my favorite decorating pieces of all time. so versatile.

that harmonica was mr. dc's granddaddy's
so was the camera

some old books grouped by color are always a point of interest. use some you have or watch estate sales. old books are fascinating to look at and read.
~type to you soon~


soccermom said...

wow!! You have an amazing gift of decorating!!

Beth said...

Love all your vignettes! Looks great :).