Friday, April 30, 2010

2 aprons

found at an estate sale this morning.
i have a slight addiction.
this makes number 11 and 12 in the apron department. pink still my beating heart
and the black hand stitched embroidery...oh my

this little number will be worn in the garden. it has really deep pockets.
so nice and a steal at 50 cents each!
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

They are both cuuuute, but of course I LOVE the pink one!
Thanks for your ideas on aprons, I won't pass one up next time I see them.

TeacherCents said...

I LOVE antique aprons! The ones you found are great! I have about 12 that were passed down in the family and I used them recently when mom celebrated her 60th and I hosted a big birthday tea! All my kitchen helpers wore one.

Your blog brings light to my day! Thank you for sharing!