Monday, March 29, 2010

this weekend

sorry i was a little absent this weekend. i was making hay while the sun was shinning on friday and saturday. planted one of the raised beds in the garden, started 75 seed starts that are tomatoes, peppers, and flowers to use in the landscaping around the house. i planted alot of zinnia seeds. i really like those flowers and although they are annuals, i have heard that when they are done for the season you can collect there seeds once the flowers dry and use them the following year. i have even heard of some cases where the seeds just fall out and grow in the ground where they fall. we shall see. this week is spring break for my kiddos so i might be a little hit and miss, but i will definitely be around and hope to hear what is going on in the outdoors around you. have you done any spring work in your yard?
~type to you soon~
photo credit: flower pictures