Monday, March 22, 2010

deals of the day


sears at the land's end shop
childrens shoes size 6 must be equivalent to a 7.5 or 8 shoe in womens
$5.99 retail for $29.00
$7.49 retail for $32.00
isn't that weird vein on my foot under the strap cool:)
i used to buy my running shoes in the kids section at the nike outlet because they were so much cheaper in a size 6. never thought to look for regular shoes. glad it hit me today. let me know if you have found any great deals lately. there are some great ones to be had!
~type to you soon~


soccermom said...

Love going to the GAP outlet especially using a 30% coupon that was available this past weekend! Shopping is fun but saving money is the best part!! I picked up a pair of crocs (name brand) for one of the boys with the discount for $7.00!!

LouAnn said...

Wow - love those red shoes!

Sally said...

Love the red ones too!

Bridgit said...

Love a great find and really liking the red shoes!