Sunday, February 28, 2010

in the craft room working with paper

i took the day off from the day in and outs and played with my little craft girl. look what we made.
note cards for a gift or by mail
cards and gift tagsgift tags
gift tags with some fun layers
place cards for a fancy dinner
sorry some of the pictures have a glare. i am so impressed with that little cricut. hours of fun!
look for a store coming soon. could be etsy or could be site based. not sure yet but all handmade items, vinyl lettering and signs, vintage windows, embroidery, curtains, and staging in home services. should be a fun little adventure.
~type to you soon~


Amy Coomes said...

You open up shop, I alone will keep you in business! :)

soccermom said...

that is VERY exciting! I will look forward to making some new purchases!!

Sally said...

Awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing all your creativity!