Thursday, February 18, 2010

the cat's meow

i had the privilege of doing some shopping with some of my dearest friends this weekend. we went to this great store in Ladue, MO called the cats meow. the store is devoted to creating personalized gifts that are just the cutest things that i have ever seen, well that might be a slight exaggeration but the stuff was pretty darn cute!

we got some great ideas while we were in the store and i will definitely be duplicating some of them. after we visited the store we stopped by homegoods and picked up some white plates on the clearance rack for 2.99-7.00(an awesome rectangular platter). later that evening after all the kiddies were in bed we cranked up the cricut and made some really nice pieces that were just like the ones that we had seen earlier for pennies compared to the price the store was asking. i think that is why i really enjoy the cricut and my embroidery machine so much. money saving, yet the quality of the gift is not compromised.

how do you purchase gifts? is quality and uniqueness important for you? do you by something that you like or that the person you are giving the gift to would like? i used to always by what i liked, i am really trying to refocus and choose something that i think they would like.
life is always a growing process isn't it?...even in the gift giving area:) ~type to you soon~


Jeanette said...

That looks like a really neat store. What cute things.

lindsay said...

Ahhh now I need a sewing machine and a cricket. Oh how Eric is going to be so appreciative of you!! :)