Thursday, January 7, 2010

hey, hey, hey...goodbye

declutter. today's organizational project was to declutter counters and sinks. here is the thing about decluttering or cluttering. it really is a matter of personal choice. i am more of the clean counter type. less is more. however, there are some that really like to showcase items on counters and that is fine too. so here is a option to consider. if you are a "showcaser" on your countertops use items that have a function to the space. for example, i wanted to incorporate the small pyrex bowl on the counter in the laundry so i used it to store a towel to use at the sink. if you look to the far side of the picture you can also see a jar. it is a piece that i love because it is personal to our family but serves function and purpose. so tomorrow, or tonight, tackle a counter top. get rid of anything that you do not use on a every couple of days basis. your space will look larger and much neater.

~type to you soon~

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Sally said...

I am definitly a show case kind of gal. I love to have picture frames and candles to help me get going. I have a picture of my friends form texas I miss so much and another one of our whole family when we climbed enchanted rock in Tx--these make me smile and make washing dishes easier. But there is MUCH to be said about a counter top with only a coffee maker on top...I did get rid of one basket...ok less writing I need to get to work...I will post pics one day...
(Humming to "I'm every woman")