Thursday, January 14, 2010

diamonds are a girl's best friend

not really, but i am trying this whole song title with organizing tasks. here are pictures of the completed task.
i sorted earrings in bead sorters. each pair has their own containers.

i sorted the scarves, belts, and sashes using a left over ornament divider that i had left from the winter wonderland pictured last night. sadly it still resides where it did yesterday.

i used command hooks that are easily removed if i ever change my mind about storing these in this manner. i really like it though, i can see everything easily but it is not cluttered and out.

all the necklaces and bracelets are mounted on the side of the drawer set in our closet.
you can semi-see the angle of where i placed these here. the shelves you see in the corner of the picture face the closet. this is a side tucked next to my dresses.
~type to you soon~


Jeanette said...

I never thought of those command hooks for necklaces. Great idea.

LouAnn said...

wow- you are the organizing queen! Love the necklaces on command hooks. And the earrings in bead boxes!

Sally said...

awesome!!! I was up till 1 am sorting through my "idea" binder too!

Carrie said...

LOVE IT!!!! Good job, Le! You ARE an organizing queen!!!

shannon said...

i've had the same organizing bug. i put a lot of my jewlery that i wear frequently in my bathroom drawer instead of in my jewlery box in the closet. it was a big mess, so i divided rings, necklaces, and earrings into their own little "homes" in an ice cube tray. i love it! i even put one in the bottom of my jewlery box.