Friday, January 1, 2010

call to order

still vacationing but heading back tomorrow. sorry the posts have been so sparse while we have been gone. i started thinking about the new year this morning (since, well it is the new year). so without any further ado.....

1. HAPPY NEW YEAR. i plan to make this year one without living in fear even in times of uncertainty, fully relying on God for our needs.

2. tracking our savings and spending for the year using this calculator. read about it HERE.

3. making my relationships intentional. working to always listen first and talk later, if talking is even necessary. being there when i am needed for whatever, whenever.

4. have fun with my family. i was thinking last night how short life really is. 2010. wow! 2010. does that seem real?

what about you? what are you doing to call your life to order?

~type to you soon~
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Amy Coomes said...

My list is so long! But so far Im still on track! Here's what I've got-

Diet and exercise
recycle and a little more green (Ive changed all my bulbs and working on recycling bins in the garage)
read more of the Bible
practice more patience
family time
eating out less and only ordering water with meals! (sounds crazy but that would save us like at least $5 each meal!)
This week I also started tripling meals to freeze, hopefully this will help us not eat out so much and save me some time for more family time!

I also spent $5000 in groceries the past year, I want to decrease that by at least $1000. I tracked my spending and savings last year on this and will do the same this year to see how I do. I saved right at 50% for the year. I spent $5000, but also saved $5000, I was pretty proud of that!