Tuesday, December 15, 2009

letting a few things wait (not go)

i have always been the type of person that does not rest until all of the chores are done around the house. the laundry needs to be done by tuesday or wednesday and then i try to maintain the rest of the week, all the beds need to be made before i leave the house, bathrooms touched up, kitchen wiped down, dishes put away, the list went on and on.

what i have realized over the past few months is all that stuff will still be there when i get home or after i do other more important things. so i have started to prioritize what is most important in my daily morning routine. i usually get the kitchen and the beds. those two things are really a must for me before leaving the house (i can't help some of my neatness anxiety). the other stuff can wait, and it may not even get done on the day that i planned. the reason being is that there are more important things like reading a book to little one, or talking with b about our days, or taking some time to have a quiet time in the morning. i have noticed that my urgency level on the tasks that i used to think were so important are no longer such a big deal and my life overall is so much more relaxed.

what are you learning right now about your own life?


LouAnn said...

I'm learning that it is very hard to have a pre-teen girl, and that my temper is shorter than I thought, and that I NEED to forgive the same as my Savior forgives me - over and over and over. Long day today. I'm so thankful for grace. :)

sclinken said...

I think I am trying to be a little more relaxed too. I am trying to do as much as I can, but not miss playing with my little ones. My youngest girls are 19 months and I don't know where that time went. I think knowing these are our last babies I am trying to enjoy all the stages more:)