Monday, November 9, 2009

stockpile these

there are a few fresh items that i would grab at kroger this week to chop up and freeze for quick prep or for nutrients in a smoothie later.

bananas- freeze them for smoothies or bread. i bought 4 bunches. they are 39 cents a pound.

yellow onions in the bag - food process them. put the in cup size or 1/2 cup size portions in Ziploc and freeze for quick prep at dinner. you do not even have to let them thaw before using them in a recipe, especially if you are sauteing them.

land o lakes butter - usually $3.99 on sale for 1.99 think of all the holiday baking when you are gauging the amount you should purchase. butter freezes great. i do not think it affects it at all.

king arthur flour - it is on sale. if you are particular about your flour it is a good deal this week. i buy other brands but this is my favorite. there is a coupon out there for this and yeast in combination but i would only use the coupon unless you really need the yeast because you are not saving money buying that big container of yeast. the small packets are cheaper with an individual coupon for yeast.

pears - can be canned or frozen. HERE is a great post on canning pears.

cascadian farm cereal and granola bars - they are $2.99 and if you look there are pealies on some of the boxes for $1 off two. there is also a coupon in that pealie for $1 off 2 cascadian frozen vegetables. the vegetables are on sale too.

~type to you soon~

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Sally said...

I did buy some bananas this week. I got mine for 29 cents a pound since they were the value price with the red sticker. They barely had any brown spots on them.

I may go back and get some flour and the other stuff you mentioned. THanks for the tip!