Wednesday, October 28, 2009

can anyone relate?

i do not know what is more disturbing.
  • this is four days of laundry at my house. yes it only took four days to dirty this much laundry.
  • i have spent the last two days chained to the laundry room washing it all (those piles you see, some of them are over 5 feet tall).
  • and yes there is still more to do. is there ever a time when there is not laundry to do?

~type to you soon~


soccermom said...

Oh my, I would not have room to store that many clothes for everyone!! Good luck getting it all finished!!

sclinken said...

I am always doing laundry. With four kids 5 and under-there is always someone making a mess.

Hurrayic said...

Yes, I wonder where it all comes from. Like magic, it appears from thin air. I instruct my kids to wear some of their clothing 1 - 2 times more if it's not dirty & stinky.