Wednesday, September 23, 2009

deal update with a mocha on top

i went to meijer today and did this deal. it works. oh yea! 20 boxes for $7.50.

then i went to kroger and i bought 10 bags of the chocolate chips and three motts applesauce that were discontinued for $12 and some change. that motts deal is a good one. when you buy three a catalina for $1 prints off. roll the coupon. it will keep printing. i went through the line 4 times. buy the ones that are marked down to 92 cents.

then i drove through starbucks and enjoyed a mocha with even greater pleasure because i had saved some serious cash, and i earned that mocha.

is it sad that my shopping exersions each week are reduced to the grocery store? is that sad? or is it contentment with where i am, right now? what do you think? is there anyone out there that is in the same boat? the ship has set sail and headed due north to toward kroger.

~type to you soon~

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Unknown said...

I did the 100-calorie snack deal at Meijer too. I was so happy they weren't already picked over, yesterday there was still plenty of stock. I picked up 15 boxes - which will be great for lunches.

Lately my shopping is grocery also, but I found the last couple weeks I'm just picking up what I really need - a little burnt out on Qpons for the moment. It's so nice that we have a great stockpile of food from previous deals, so I don't stress if I'm missing a few deals each week!