Tuesday, August 11, 2009

kroger milk deal

today i did our weekly shopping at kroger. they are running a special this week if you buy 4 boxes of kellogg's cereal you get 2 gallons of milk for free. we drink organic milk so i got 2 of the half gallons that we normally drink and took them up to the cash out lane when i was finished. i asked the cashier if she would credit me for the amount of the gallons that normally came with the deal. she gladly did so making the organic 2.99 half gallons of milk 1.50. while that does not seem like a great deal, i was very happy with the savings. it just goes to show that it never hurts to ask, and that savings on certain items are relative depending on the choices that you make in what you serve your family to eat. let me know if any of you try this, and if it works.

ps...the rice krispies and the frosted flakes are 4 for $10 plus you can use coupons on the cereal so it really ends up being a really good deal.

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