Saturday, August 1, 2009


because you need something free when times are tough.
this weeks giveaway is an adorable chalkboard on a stand. the stand is metal and the chalkboard has an adorable scalloped egde. perfect for any application.

to enter share one area of you life that you are working on and one area that you are satisfied with. lets face it, there are many things that i wish i could erase like a chalkboard. i am working on spending more intentional time with our children. intentional in that it is a planned time that is just me and them. i am satisfied in the amount of time that i spend in the kitchen, planning and preparing food for our family.
you are welcome to enter the giveaway even if you have previously won a giveaway. please pass the giveaway onto your friends.

~type to you soon~


shannon said...

working on: patience. responding with a right tone and attitude to my family.
satisfied with: this ones much harder...hmmm..."keeping up" with the house and making it look nice for hubby when he gets home from work.

soccermom said...

working on---spending more time with the LORD, getting a better balance between keeping up the house/toys etc and patience with my children is always an area to improve for me! I'm satisfied with my savings for my family with all the coupon tips/stockpile and look to increase our savings even more as our family grows!

sclinken said...

Working on-learning my bible. Ella is getting to an age when she is starting to ask so many questions and after listening to Ken Ham, I want to make sure I don't confuse her:)
Satisfied with-my life. God has given me a wonderful family and I am blessed everyday by them

cazmir said...

working on being a better steward of the Lord's money he blesses us with...and yet...I am satisfied with the financial restrictions of being a one income family because it allows me to be at home everyday with my precious children.

Katie said...

I am working on how to make the Lord first. I'm satisfied with how much I am able to donate and bless my family & friends by couponing.

Rachel said...

Hi Le, it's Sally's friend, Rachel. I decided to visit your blog when I got home and was tickled to see that there is a giveaway!

Let's see... the "working on" list could be oh-so-long, but I am working on making the Lord a more intentional part of my life. I need to integrate Him in all that I do, say, think, etc. It is hard even though I have been a believer for a long time.

I am satisfied in my friendships and how I keep up with my girlfriends both near and far.

Nice to meet you today! :)

Amy Coomes said...

Come on lucky #7!!

Improving, oh the list is long! Patience, I always tell my dad I get my lack of this from him. Also, my tone and situation handling with my girls. We seem to be referees for the girls a lot these days!
Satisfied with the relationships with God, my family, husband, and friends. I am very blessed!

Sally said...

Ooooo...this would be a fun one to win.

There's lots of things to improve on. I will say probably watching my tone/volume with my kids. I'm finding that more is caught than taught and they catch on pretty quickly--esp the bad stuff.

As far as what I'm satisfied with--how much we read to our children. By the time bed time is over my throat is sore. We go through a lot of books, which is a good thing, but it does take A LONG time.

Carrie said...

working on: more time in my Bible, patience w/ our son, being more organized, keeping up with the "chores..." it seems the list is endless these days. I'm satisfied with the wonderful, Godly friends the Lord has blessed my life with.

Ashley said...

working on--trusting my husband's wisdom and leadership and worrying less
satisfied with--keeping the house straight and saving money on groceries

Megan said...

the working on list could go on forever but let's start with the biggest: patience
the satisfied with list is: my life in general. been very blessed.
meghitt01 at gmail dot com

Cheryl said...

Working on: sticking to our budget and saving more through the use of coupons, and in general making fewer purchases. Satisfied with....the fact that I finally got my garden to produce enough to share with our neighbors!!!

jen said...

working on: sweet spirit, patient words, slowing down

satisfied with: 4 wonderful children and wonderful husband!

Thanks for the giveaway-
artandjen at juno dot com

Corrie and Lucas Mackanos said...

Working on: balancing work life with personal life

Satisfied with: my relationships with my husband, family and friends


Beth said...

Working on: a ton of things!! the most important one is trying to get into a habit of daily devotion time.

Satisfied with: my monthly meal planning. Love how much easier this is than asking "what's for dinner tonight" every night!

tbmroberts at yahoo dot com

kschoenf said...

I am content with the time I spend with my daughters inside our home, but I am trying to improve on quality one on one outside play time with them.
kschoenf at comcast dot net

Laura said...

I am working on patience with my 1 and a half year old getting into everything. I am satisfied with the way I'm saving money by using coupons.