Thursday, August 6, 2009


do you use it? i have found that i can make some great "extra" money to use as a rotation cash flow. what i mean is i am very limited on the clothes that i can purchase for our daughter. she has to wear 100% cotton all the time. gymboree is one of the few brands that i have found to consistently use 100% cotton quite frequently. i buy most of her clothes on ebay and then turn around and sell them the following year on ebay. the amazing thing is the majority of the time the clothes bring close to the price of what i paid. gymbo clothes wash and wear like champions so that helps. i have been trying to watch for clothes at yard sales because of course that is a better deal, but when i can find what i am looking for ebay is where i go. another tip, buy summer items in the fall when things go cheaper because most people are shopping for winter. i think most of the time you can guesstimate on size, especially dresses. shop for winter items in the spring. i even choose to shop this way when i buy retail. i save some serious money by doing this for myself and the children.
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LouAnn said...

I haved used eBay quite a bit over the years both for buying and selling. However, some things I ended up having better luck on craigslist (not clothes though) and then I didn't have to pay fees either. :)

sclinken said...

I use Craigslist more, too. I save on fees and shipping (I know you can charge for shipping on ebay, but I never would charge enough,etc). It seemed like a lot more work:) I have a list of things to sell on Craigslist right now. I also try to buy clothes out of season. In my house, someone will wear them eventually:)