Monday, August 31, 2009

do you ever feel like life is passing you by...never enough time to do this or that. the this or that's that really in the big scheme of life do not matter. i am really trying to get better at not concerning myself with things that are temporal and changing my focus to the things that are eternal. by that i mean...i am trying to ask myself before i get stressed about the laundry piled 4 feet high in the laundry room or irked that the beds are not made perfectly, is this going to create a smile, make a life easier, exhibit understanding, show Christ to someone who needs to see Him in the little things of life. because really in this big world what do i want to be remembered for. the neatest made beds or a momma that played kickball, laughed at jokes, and smiled ALOT! a wife that was present and there or one that just co-existed. a daughter that grew old with her parents or one that watched from the outside as they aged. a sister who did whatever necessary to display unwavering love or one that purchased the obligatory Christmas gift once a year and removed herself the rest of the time. a friend that no matter what time, what place, what season of life, what crisis occurs is there or one that is a convenience girl and is only there for the fun times. while the entire day everyday can't be a internal look at the status of my choices, i can be more diligent about spending more time looking there. what are your thoughts on this topic? in the mean time i better at least go switch a load of laundry so i have some clean undies for the morning:)

~type to you soon~


Catherine said...

Hey Le,
Hope you got some clean undies :) I think about this all the time and certainly want to look back on life with my girls and remember the fun memories, sharing, teaching, laughing, crying, enjoying them and not worrying about the house and all that needs to be done. Such a balance to run a smooth house and trust the Lord to give us the strength to do all he has called us to do.
Miss you.

LouAnn said...

great post Le, I think about this a lot too... especially in the last week since school started. I don't want my kids to remember me as always asking them to do things - clean their room, make their bed, clean their seat at the table, not that those things aren't important - but that I need to balance it with fun, playing games, and helping with homework too. Thank God that he does equip us for all we are to do, if we lean on Him for the strength! (That's what I usually forget.....) ;)

Sally said...

I was just thinking about this too--especially yesterday. I've been reading Joni Earekson Tada's book "the God I love" and it has tugged at my heart and moved me like no other memoir has. She can't even get herself out of bed and I beat myself up for not making my bed, yet she, like Mary, has "chosen what is better", to rest and trust in the Lord.

soccermom said...

Awesome post!

shannon said...

le, you summed up my recent thoughts exactly.
i love the song that's out right now, "the motions" by matthew west. it puts all this in perfect song form. i downloaded it from itunes and have been listening to it a lot lately!