Monday, July 13, 2009

thoughts on greener

today i was reading one of the blogs that i really enjoy and have recently discovered. she posted some interesting information about a "green" cleaner that is very effective and thrifty. here is the information here now, saying that if you have followed the domestic chick for a certain amount of time you are aware of how i feel about my squirt bottle filled with a few drops of dawn. if you are not aware, read about it here
i am going to look into this other option a little more. although i know it will not be as thrifty as the dawn, it may be more environmentally friendly and i am all about the environment. no i have not turned into a environmentalist, not that there is anything wrong with environmentalists. i just figure if i can help by throwing my paper, cans, and plastic in a special trash can and can keep the ground water cleaner by not putting chemicals in it why not? after all,

The Bible consistently teaches that God created all things by virtue of His own power and wisdom (Revelation 4:11). Everything He made was good and gave Him pleasure (Genesis 1:31). To this day His eternal power and divine nature are plainly evident in His creation (Romans 1:20).
Now if God created all things, and declared them to be ‘very good’, it stands to reason that He is concerned for their preservation. This concern is plainly expressed at various points in the Bible. For example, He commanded the people of Israel to avoid wanton destruction of fruit-bearing trees during warfare. He told them that when they besieged a city for a long time, making war against it in order to take it, they ‘shalt not destroy the trees thereof by wielding an ax against them … thou shalt not cut them down’ (Deuteronomy 20:19).

paragraph above taken from this article, (very interesting read by the way).

have a wonderful evening. wasn't today glorious. i so enjoyed the breeze, and the birds, and my children's laughter. there is nothing like it!

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what are your thoughts on greener living?
~type to you soon~
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Lua said...


I just really liked this song: "Walk in the wood".

I've never listen before.


Luana Rocha


Sally said...

Enjoying the gorgeous day. We haven't had a meal inside the past couple of days! You should do a post on backyards or where you spend your time when you are outside. I've been meaning to post a pic of our backyard since my parents haven't seen it since we redid it.

Le said...

that is a great idea sally. i will post some pictures and maybe my readers can too! i would love to see everyones outdoor spaces.