Thursday, July 16, 2009

g's room redo

the boy loves green. what can i say. his room was tan because he came six weeks early and because my decorator brain was not functioning at 32 weeks of pregnancy when i decided on the original color scheme. so 3.5 years into his life here is the green room. the lighter green wall piece is a handmade original by his daddy to cover the electrical box that is in g's room. there used to be 2 doors over it, but they always looked like two doors covering an electrical circuit box. g's daddy is incredibly talented. i am so proud of him. i think it looks very vintage. still have the bed and window treatment to do. i will show you when they are done.
~type to you soon~


sclinken said...

Love it!!! We just got the free quart of paint through Glidden and I ordered a Spring Green. That color is in the twins room (along with red and pink). We were thinking it might be enough paint to do stripes or some sort of polka dots. What are your thoughts?

Amy Coomes said...

Great job mom and dad! You both do beautiful work! Can I hire you both?