Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my new love~serviceberries

we have these 2 lovely bushes in our landscaping called service berry bushes or juneberries depending what part of the country you are from. they have been a part of our landscaping for about 7 years, and each year they flower in the spring and then berry in june. each year we have admired their beauty but not looked into the plants. well this year was different. with the economy in the gutter and our new mindset of running a "small farm" in a suburban neighborhood we looked into these little beauties. they are not only edible, they are delicious. the kids have gobbled them up the past few days at every meal and i made a pie with them last night. it is the most delicious berry pie. the berries have the best flavor. i have eaten the pie for breakfast and lunch. good thing we are about out of these berries or i would have to have some discipline where these little spheres of delectableness are concerned. you better go check your landscaping and see if you have one. and if not check your neighbors. i am sure they won't mind (hehehe).

recipe for the pie coming soon.

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