Saturday, June 6, 2009

the garden makes me smile

i am a garden "newbie" this year. i can tell you that i plan on gardening the rest of my life, Lord willing. i had been a great joy this summer. our children have loved it! our friends have too! we are starting to have the fruits of our labor impact our meals. lovely spinach is coming up. strawberries, that our oldest sneaks out and eats for breakfast in the morning, and fresh herbs for mint tea, thyme for seasoning meats and vegetables and fresh basil for tomato mozzarella salad. i have taken some pictures of the garden for you to see. the raised beds are my favorite part of the garden. they are so nice to maintain and require much less work. the vegetables and fruits are thriving there. the carrots that were planted at the same time in the ground and in the raised bed are twice the size in the bed. amazing! one other little tip that i like to do is incorporate fresh herbs in my landscaping. thyme and mint are lovely ground cover and sage is a really pretty filler. basil is a nice border along walkways and parsley is a airy filler too. please feel free to offer any suggestions on gardening and i will be happy to answer and questions that i can about the lovely hobby. remember that compost pile i told you about, the dirt from it filled the raised beds. what a savings.
~type to you soon~

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Sally said...

WOW Le! Looks great. Our garden is looking somewhat sad...well I guess when I compare it to yours and my MIL's. I've heard sometimes it takes a few years to "take". WE've still been able to get some basil and lettuce, we'll have to wait and see what the tomatoes do.