Thursday, June 25, 2009

attention bare escentuals fans

go here an print a coupon for a free 10 day trial from your local jc pennys store. this is a great offer. i think i might ask my mom to go get a sample for me too!
~type to you soon~;jsessionid=KOPIYNK2MUV5UCV0KRRQ5UQ?site=jcp&om_mmc=jcp-email-20090625-xpress-bematteprint&_requestid=33224
thanks to thrifty mama for the tip


Sally said...

loved the clothes hook. thinking of putting a clothes line between my two trees in back know the ones that you have at hotels that you just pull the line when you need it.

LouAnn said...

Le, is this the powder stuff? Does it feel heavy on your skin? I never wear foundation, but always use pressed powder from Clinique - because I don't like a cakey feel on my face. Just wondered how this is. Maybe I'll try it.... :)