Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the advantage

i have not been to the grocery store in 2 weeks. my mom picked up some milk for me yesterday. the advantage in the stockpile is that you can do this every now and then. i have not even felt the urgency to go as if i am going to miss a weekly deal (this is a huge feat for me). between the bulk produce and the buying in advance i feel very at ease with the stock in the pantry. i think that i will venture out later in the week to pick up a few deals, but if i don't make it, oh well:). this nonchalant attitude will not last long, but i am going to saddle up and ride it out as long as i can. have a wonderfully nonchalant evening! have you skipped any weeks and felt this free?

~type to you soon~
picture credit: blisstree


Carrie said...

Yes!!! and it is such a good feeling!! I love sharing with my husband the "good deals" I have found!! And the best part is, he's noticing I'm doing a good job, even without me telling him!!!

shannon said...

yes, and i love it!! it so freeing and flexible.

Amy Coomes said...

As a matter of fact, I skipped out on grocery shopping this week too! Ive had about 2 other weeks where I was able to do that. I do still have that urgency to get out and get the free stuff or great deals though! I was going out right after church on Sundays and spending my whole afternoon shopping, I didn't like that bc I enjoy having lazy Sundays with the family! So Ive at least calmed down a little to wait till Tuesdays!