Monday, May 11, 2009

recycling and composting

we started recycling pretty faithfully about 3 years ago. but this year we have taken on a whole new animal. composting. and i love it! a neighbor of ours started a compost pile about 5 years ago. he unexpectedly passed away last year and his wife said that we could take over the compost pile. it is on the edge of our property and underneath the top layer, oh my goodness, the soil is the richest top soil that i have ever seen. so you can bet i will keep doing this compost thing. i could not believe how far the soil went in the pile and the beauty of the thing is that it is free. i will tell you that i can't get over the amount of "trash" that i would have thrown out before ends up in the pile. i am really cutting down on the amount of trash bags that i use. the benefits keep going. if you do not have a yard or some land where you can start a compost pile there are some very nice composters out there. i think that you can even use a regular trash can and just rotate the contents. we also put our grass clippings from the backyard (because it is not treated for weeds and we don't want pesticide in the soil because then it ends up in the vegetables that is grown in the soil). keep that compost trash coming!
~type to you soon~

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