Sunday, May 10, 2009

i am a momma

this is obviously not new news for most since our oldest was born over 7 years ago. but, for many reasons that i really don't understand, every year on mother's day i become increasingly aware that i am a mother. not just a mother but a momma to 3 precious children that mean more to me than ANYTHING! i knew the second that i saw our first child, my life was forever changed. since then as each preceding child has come our way i have to say that i view this life that i live so differently. i think that the biggest difference is that i choose to make choices and decisions that will most benefit these indescribable gifts instead of basing them on myself. i have found that when i choose to make these choices they also directly benefit my God-given husband. speaking of that man of mine...i am so thankful that he enables me to be the kind of mother that i want to be to my little ones. what another amazing gift!

so this year when the hint was thrown out there as to what i would like in the way of a mother's day gift. i could not think of a thing (except i did ask my momma for some honey crisp apple trees. best darn apples you ever sank your teeth into.) there is NO gift that compares to the gifts that i am given each day through the blessings that God has placed in my life. a mother that would run through a blazing fire to do anything that i needed, a daddy that is at home doing my laundry because i was so behind, a brother that is like a second father to my children and a friend like no other to me, "my girls" from kentucky to st. louis that i would never want to do life without because they make some seriously great days for me, 3 children who have so abundantly blessed my life that i want for nothing, and a husband, what a man, i can not put into words...i am speechless because of his love for me!

have a wonderful mothers day.

~type to you soon~