Sunday, May 17, 2009

early morning antiques

it started with my fun wheeled bag that my dear antiquing friend bought me for christmas. last night i was doing some last minute embellishments to the bag.
first i found this lovely pie plate with the scalloped handles and edge. of course i love is white. anything white i love.

i located these three pieces at 3 separate vendors. they are a lovely sherbet green color, of course pyrex. my heart melts for pyrex. i have 2 of the pie plates that i was able to land for $10. i have had to do some scrubbing on the edge with some paper from my hubby's wet sander but that junk just came right off. they are lovely.

i saw this little gem early on, but i didn't want to fork out the cash at the time. i stewed on it for an hour or so and ended up going back to talk to the vendor. he gave me a discount and i am so glad. it will be the centerpiece on my table for the summer. of course adorned with fresh flowers.

i bought 3 more of the handled bowls that we use on a daily basis for cereal, ice cream, and soup. i plan on using them as my everyday bowls because i only have 3 left from the everyday dish set that was a wedding gift 12 years ago.

this was an exciting find. one, it is white. two, it is the compote that matches a lovely platter that i already had. and three, it was only $3. my favorite thing to do with these pieces is to weave ribbon through the holes to match the decor.

this was the small disappointment of the day. i ran across this lovely little juice glass and small carafe set for $10. it had 4 glasses and a very small carafe that would have held about 16 oz. i passed because the carafe was so small. i found this beauty a couple of rows over, much larger and matched perfectly. when i went back to get the set, it was gone. so the new challenge is to find another. and i will:)

i also bought a lovely little "milking stool" used to milk cows. it is going to be used next to my pantry to reach the high shelves. i am not going to show you yet because i am working on a little project with it. more to come soon!
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

Oh my gosh Le! the white platter with white holes in it...did you get it at St. vincent? I saw it there and thought 3 dollars was too much, then went back the next day and it was GONE!!! I was sick to my stomach since it really was a great deal and regretted not getting it in the first place. Was that where you got it!?

I love all your finds! we need to go shopping together. I love all white stuff too, but also like clear glass and crystal since that can look so simple and elegant.

Unknown said...

Beautiful finds Le! Where do you go? I've never done this but it looks like fun.