Sunday, May 31, 2009

buying bulk produce

i am planning on looking into purchasing produce from a local produce supplier that sells significant quantities of produce for a VERY reduced price if you buy in larger quantities. i know that the supplier also sells organic produce. if you are interested in participating in this with me, please comment and i will get back with you once i find out more information. i would purchase the produce on a weekly basis and then you would need to pick the produce up from me. the produce is the best quality and is the same produce that you are buying in the grocery store. we are just skipping the middle man and the mark up on the price.

here is an article that i found about something similar and the price breakdown on the money that she saved.
picture credit: green geek


soccermom said...

sounds great, I would be interested in getting more info!

4kings said...

I would really be interested in the info. The bulk of my grocery bill is produce. I wanted my own garden but the DH did not want his "pretty" yard torn up.

bnf2 said...

I'm interested... I can't keep enough fresh fruit & veggies for the twins!

Amy Coomes said...

Le, Im very interested too, esp on the fruit side. Im gonna start pureeing a few veggies to "hide" in some of my meals and desserts, this would be great for that! I've been reading Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld, my youngest takes after my husband on not eating his veggies! Im hiding it for the both of them! :)