Tuesday, April 14, 2009

walgreens 4

here is what to buy:

all of these items are free after the register rewards that you earn when you purchase them. i purchased the edge shave gel and the scunci bands first. then used those register rewards to purchase the chapstick and the skintimate. some of these items are not marked for RR but they do print off. i used the $30 coupon that was in the paper for the glucose monitor and i will be filling out the rebate for $55 that is found in the box. the monitor will be donated to hope ministries ( paid nothing out of pocket) and i will profit $55 from the rebate. plus when you buy the monitor a free crest toothpaste coupon prints off for you to use on your next purchase. another deal to look for is easter hershey kisses. 4 bags will be $5 ( they are on sale now) and there is a $5 rebate this month for hershey candy. so they are free. i unwrap these and keep them in the baking cabinet for peanut butter blossom cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries. think outside the box for uses of mild chocolate candy. you can also pound it a few times with a wooden spoon and use the chunks for chocolate chunk cookies. cvs info coming soon.

~type to you soon~


Amy Coomes said...

Are you serious?! I wasn't even going to shop Walgreens this week but now Im headed tonight!

Carrie said...

I so appreciate your thinking "outside the box!!" I never even paid attention to the glucometer coupon because, selfishly thinking, I didn't need it. That is awesome that you are donating it!! God bless you!!!