Thursday, April 9, 2009

surprise, surprise, surprise

i get in bed last night, ready for the pillow. it had been a good day, but a long one. much to my surprise i find this neatly tucked away under the pile of down goodness that my head so longingly wanted.
yes that is a light saber, but not just any light saber. that is w's favorite toy. it causes destruction and defends us from the evils of the world a 6 year old mind understands. and then there are the jacks and ladle. those are from the kitchen of sweet baby n. who loves to cook and does not relinquish the ladle very often. and the jacks, those are not jacks. that is a culinary masterpiece that she created just for me. and let's not forget the binoculars because my g man put those there. he was and always is "looking (or wookin' and he says it) for me".

these precious items were placed here by 3 little ones that have revolutionized my life. they have taken a once very selfish (i can now categorize myself in the moderately selfish category, praise be to God. and yes He is still workin' on me) person and changed me into this sentimental, humbled, would lay down my life in a second, blubbering girl that i swore i would never be. yes mother sadly i know this sound like you:).

and while sleep was the only thing that i wanted last night before my head hit the pillow. after it did, all i could think of, God you are so good. and why me? and how can i take the imperfect person that i am, so flawed and filthy and honor you oh Lord with every breath that i breathe. so for me it took a light saber, a ladle, some jacks, and binoculars to put it all into perspective yesterday. what is the Lord using to work on you?
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

Le, I can so relate to your post. Only a mom can tell you exactly why a certain toy is found in a certain place, like the dress up shoes found under a pile of book tells me "Belle" visited our home and was doing what she loves best--read.

"Randomly" placed things like that tell so much more, they tell me so much about each of our kids personalities, their thoughts and what's in their little hearts. When I want to scream "If I step on one more hard, sharp, pointy toy I am going to scream!" I remind myself that I would be stealing their dreams by not letting them imagine away (in moderation of course).

Carrie said...

I continue to be amazed at how God uses this amazing little being He has given me to humble me and make me more aware of what I am saying or how I am treating others. Sometimes I wonder which one of us is the "grown up."

soccermom said...

We just got back from passing out our truth packets and it was a family outing. The boys were so excited about passing them!! They had so much energy running from house to house. I thought I would be teaching them and they taught me b/c they were so excited! Many lessons/things to ponder as we walked around it was a wonderful experience and had such great conversations about Jesus and living life!!

Le said...

soccermom...tell b and w i am proud of them!